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You can have your pockets cleaned by very costly attorneys or learn to do it yourself.

Written by Mr. Kelly Clover  The above cartoon has been copyrighted.


Many people have been harmed by arrest records, even when there is no conviction. The problem is that the FBI and the your state’s criminal record reporting agency can still report that you were arrested and charged with a crime, even though you were never convicted of anything. Numerous private companies get this information and report it as well. You can be denied  jobs, denied travel outside of the USA, or adversely affected in many other ways.


To make matters worse, there are a few law firms that don’t have the level of expertise you would expect from experienced licensed attorneys.

But there is still more involved than just getting forms and paying a fee to file as I will explain.

The internet is flooded with advertisements from various law firms want you to pay a king’s ransom to expunge or nondisclose your record. Here is one thing they never tell you: You can do almost everything they do without paying their sky-high fees if you know how. You still have to pay filing fees which are the same whether you file or they file for you. But you don’t have to pay their $950-$3500 fees. I prepared, filed, and won my Texas expunction case without the use of attorneys and I will tell you how to do it. I am not an attorney and never went to law school. Most law firms want at least $950  plus the filing fees just for simple uncontested expunction. In many cases you can properly prepare and file your case for as little as $100 plus the filing fees if you know how. You don’t need special connections to get information or anything like that. If you hire a law firm and they actually send an attorney to the courtroom you can expect much higher fees than $950. The minimum they quote only applies to simple uncontested cases that don’t require anyone to appear in court.


If you have read this far the following 3 things are probably true:

1. You have some type of arrest record that is causing unwanted problems.
2. You need to get the FBI and your state’s criminal record reporting agency to stop reporting it.
3. You don’t want to pay a king’s ransom to solve the problem.

For Texas cases I am offering you a small  book that tells you how to do  what I did so you won’t have to pay the sky-high fees of attorneys or law firms!  I tell you how to determine if you qualify for expunction or nondisclosure. I tell you how and where to get the information to properly prepare your case. I tell you how to get the forms needed to file your case and where to file.  I provide the necessary information so it doesn’t matter which Texas county your case is in. You will know exactly what to do!

For California cases I am offering a book that tells you how to navigate your state’s system. For seal and destroy cases you typically face a lawyer fee of $1000 plus filing fees for uncontested cases, and $3500 or more if an attorney actually goes to the courtroom. For felony reduction to misdemeanor you might find a law firm that will do an uncontested case for as little as $599 plus filing fees. It’s much higher if they actually send an attorney to the courtroom. The California book discusses seal and destroy, expungement, and felony reduction for California cases. You will know exactly what you need to do for your situation!

If your case is in neither of the two states I may be able to help you find books that I did not write which deal with your state’s laws.


IS THIS SOMETHING YOU CAN ONLY DO WITH SPECIAL TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE OR SPECIAL CONNECTIONS TO GET INFORMATION? Virtually anyone can do it once they understand the basic concepts of what’s involved. If you can travel around the local area, if you have or can get internet access, and if you have either a cell phone or a land line phone you can do this.


PayPal Acceptance Mark


To order the book the Texas expunction book online with a credit card or PayPal account just click here: Texas Expunction BookThen click on “ADD TO CART.” For Texas residents the total including sales tax is only $16.24 . Orders shipped to out-of-state addresses will not collect sales tax. The price is $15.00 for out-of-state shipments. As a free bonus we will also ship one flashlight pen as well as the book.

There is also an ebook version of the same book which sells for only $15.00 The total including Texas sales tax if applicable would be $16.24. Click here to order it: Texas Expunction (Ebook) Then click on “ADD TO CART.”

There is also a book on California expungements and record sealing which sells for only $15.00. Click here to order it: California Expungement Book    As a free bonus we will also ship one flashlight pen as well as the book.

There is also an ebook version of the same book which sells for only $15.00Click here to order it:  California Expungement (Ebook)

Clover Enterprises never sees your online credit card information.  Even if you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal  processes your payment.  The PayPal page is a secure site that only PayPal sees.

You should receive your book within 3-6  days after placing your order thru the online Credit Card/PayPal system.


FOREIGN ORDERS: Because shipping costs are higher there are surcharges as shown below:

CANADA:    $1.50 surcharge        


These surcharges do not apply to ebooks that are sent directly to your inbox.


To order by mail please send check or money order to:

Clover Enterprises  P.O.  Box 61303 San Angelo, Texas 76906

Make check or money order payable to Clover Enterprises. Please include your name and shipping address.

phone no.    325-939-7114

As soon as  payment  is verified by either method your order will be shipped.



  1. Tiffany Hill

    My case is 9 years old and was so flawed, the head prosecutor dropped the charges. I was never arrested, only charged , fingerprinted and arraigned,pled not guilty. I just attended the early disposition conference with my attorney that I’m paying $8500.00 for. I only saw him this one time when the charges were dropped, didn’t see the judge or anything we were there 20 minutes. I’m in law enforcement and live in Arizona, so these trips for nothing are expensive. How do I get my fingerprints, the dropped charges off my record quick. The Dept I work for runs background checks every now and then, if they find this mess I’ll be fired. And what about all the data bases. I actually feel that my attorney should take care of this for the money I’m paying him. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Sincerely, Tiffany. My email is,, cell 623-499-6336, anytime.

    1. Kelly Clover Post author

      You probably have some type of record with the FBI and the state where you were booked. My website offers small do-it-yourself books for records in Texas and California but not for other states.

  2. Erika James

    Thanks this very helpful,because of my record I was not hired yesterday and very embarrassed, I now live in Miami and got into trouble and expunged my case and believe that another case from TEXAS wouldn’t show up. Boy was I wrong they did a NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECK.AND THERE IT WAS! So thanks a MILLION THIS WILL SAVE ME TIME ,MONEY,AND TRAVELING. THANKS EM.


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